Hawaii Food Handler Training Frequently Asked Questions

TAP provides online food handler training. Each location in Hawaii needs to have at least one employee on every work shift have one licensed food handler. The TAP course provides excellent food worker training to teach the important principles of food safety to food handlers. Your local regulatory agency may have additional requirements. Please contact your local regulatory agency for more information.

This course takes approximately two hours to complete, start and stop as needed and, upon successful completion, provides a printable food handler certificate. This certificate is good for up to three years.

This course is not to prepare workers to take a Food Safety Manger Certification exam.

How long is this Hawaii Food Handlers Card Training?

The Hawaii Food Handlers Card Training is about 90 minutes.

Who is considered a food handler?

"Food employee" or "food handler" is someone who handles, prepares, serves, sells, or gives away food for human consumption.

Do I need a Hawaii Food Handlers Card?

If you are a food handler in Hawaii, you are required to complete a food safety course that is approved for use in Hawaii. Completing an approved food safety course will award you with a Hawaii Food Handlers Card.

Is this food handler training and test approved for my area?

This program that includes a training and test is approved for use throughout Hawaii, including all counties.

When do I need to get my Hawaii Food Handlers Card?

Within 30 days of starting work.

Is the employer responsible for paying for food handler training?

No, an employer is not responsible for paying for food handler training, since it is the property of the certificate holder.

What do I get when I finish this course?

Hawaii Food Handlers Card

How long is my Hawaii Food Handlers Card valid for?

Your Hawaii food handlers card will be valid for 3 years. The completion date is on the card.

How do I renew my Hawaii Food Handlers Card?

To renew, click here and purchase and retake the Hawaii Food Handlers Card training and test.

How do I reprint my current Hawaii Food Handlers Card?

Go to tapseries.io and click on Print Certificate.