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Active Shooter Awareness

Skills You will Achieve:Food Safety Awareness, Cross-Contamination Prevention, Temperature Control, Safe Food Storage, Health Regulations

Alcohol Training

Skills You Will Achieve: Alcohol Laws and Regulations, ID Verification, Recognizing Intoxication, Alcohol's Effects on Health, Tips for Responsible Serving.

Allergen Friendly

Skills You will Achieve:Understanding Allergens, Cross-Contamination Prevention, Communication, Legal and Regulatory Compliance.

Bystander Intervention Awareness Training

Skills You will Achieve: Provides a proactive awareness to preventing and reacting to undesirable situations and scenarios. Raises awareness and how bystanders can intervene safely and effectively.

Choke Saving Procedures Training

Skills You will Achieve: The TAP Approved Manual Choke Saving Procedures, which includes the Heimlich Maneuver and Sequence of Obstructed Airway Maneuvers.

Chef Fundamentals

Skills You will Achieve: Knife Skills, Food Safety and Sanitation, Cooking Techniques, Basic Culinary Math and Measurements, Kitchen Organization and Time Management.

Cooking Basics

Skills You will Achieve: Cooking Basics offers a substantial culinary course of study for all those needing a foundation in cooking instruction.

Earn More With Service

Skills You will Achieve: CRM and Sales Tools, Cross Selling, Up-selling, Customer Service, Product Knowledge.

Food Handler

Skills You will Achieve: Food Safety Awareness, Cross-Contamination Prevention, Temperature Control, Safe Food Storage, Health Regulations, Active Management Control, HACCP, Personal Hygiene.

Food Safety Manager

Skills You will Achieve: All the knowledge needed to pass any of the ANSI-accredited food manager approved exams is provided.

Food Safety Manager Exam Voucher

This is only an EXAM voucher, not a full course. Students must have a live proctor for the exam.

Food Safety Re-Certification (MN, SD, WI)

Provides continuing education in sanitation and safety. Only available in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

HACCP Manager

Skills You will Achieve: Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Critical Limits, Regulatory Compliance, Leadership and Management.

Nutrition & Eating Disorders

Skills You will Achieve: Eating Disorders Awareness, Nutritional Knowledge, Assessment and Diagnosis, Body Image and Self-Esteem, Psychological and Emotional Aspects.

Mandatory Reporter Training

Skills You will Achieve: Recognizing Signs of Abuse and Neglect, Differentiating Types of Abuse, Documenting Information, Understanding Reporting Laws and Protocols

Strategies for Increasing Sales

Skills You will Achieve: Develop a foodservice operation marketing plan or specific topics such as menu design, promotional tools and promotions to increase frequency.

Sexual Harassment

Skills You will Achieve: Important sexual harassment laws, the legal definitions of harassment, and how to recognize and report sexual harassment.

Tobacco Training

Skills You will Achieve: Learn to verify a customer's age, what to look out for, including fake IDs and indications of ID tampering, and when to decline a sale.

Valley Fever Training

Skills You will Achieve: Valley Fever awareness training is required in counties where Valley Fever is highly endemic. Especially in counties where work activities disturb the soil.

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