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HACCP Managers Certificate Course

HACCP Managers Certificate Course
Certificate Valid For:  No Expiration
Available Languages:  English, Spanish
Completion Time:  10 hours

Course Overview

Skills You will Achieve:Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Critical Limits, Regulatory Compliance, Leadership and Management

About This Course

Unlock Your Expertise with Our Exclusive Online HACCP Managers Certificate Course!

About this Course:

Key Benefits:

Who Should Enroll:

Embark on a journey towards excellence in food safety and industry compliance. Enroll now and elevate your standing in the food service and manufacturing sectors!

  • Practical, real-world interactive case studies covering the "five preliminary steps" and application of the "seven principles" of a HACCP plan.
  • HACCP plan development forms for printing and immediate use in creating a robust HACCP program.
  • Gain foundational knowledge for compliance with the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act.
  • Earn a certificate recognized by the American Culinary Federation for 15 hours of continuing education credits.
  • Individuals and organizations in the food industry, including:
    • Food manufacturers
    • Healthcare facilities
    • Foodservice operations
    • Retail food purveyors
    • Any business involved in handling or transporting food products

Course Facts

Elevate Your Expertise with Our HACCP Manager's Certificate Course!

What You'll Get:

  • HACCP Manager's Certificate

Renewal Requirement:

  • No Renewal Needed! Once certified, you're set for success.


  • Dive into 10 hours of immersive learning.

Learning Type:

  • Available 24/7; Experience the flexibility of 100% online training.

Course Structure:

  • Learn at your own pace, with the ability to save your progress as you go.

Course Updates:

  • Stay ahead with up-to-date and current course content.

Embark on your journey to excellence! Enroll now and unlock a world of possibilities in HACCP expertise!

Topics Covered

  1. The Origins of CODEX HACCP
  2. Required Food Hygiene Programs
  3. The Five Preliminary Steps
  4. A Review of Common Hazards
  5. Conducting a Hazard Analysis
  6. Control Points and Critical Limits
  7. Monitoring and Corrective Action
  8. Verification Procedures
  9. Record Keeping

What You'll Learn

Unlock Your Expertise in Food Safety and Prevention!

Explore a World of Knowledge:

Embark on a journey of knowledge and empowerment. Enroll now and be at the forefront of shaping a safer and more proactive food safety landscape!

  • Understand the Drive to Modernize:
    • Gain insights into the evolution of the food safety system and the importance of proactive preventiveness.
  • Discover HACCP Origins:
    • Identify the roots of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system, paving the way for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Decipher CODEX Alimentarius:
    • Define the significance of "CODEX Alimentarius" and its impact on food safety standards.
  • Prioritize Safe Water Supply:
    • Recognize the critical role of ensuring a supply of safe water in maintaining food safety standards.
  • Highlight Employee Training:
    • Emphasize the importance of employee training in fostering a culture of food safety.
  • Empower with Product Information:
    • Understand how providing accurate product information contributes to a safer food industry.
  • Promote Consumer Awareness:
    • Explore the role of consumer awareness in shaping a safer and more informed food landscape.
  • Identify Specific Control Measures:
    • Learn the significance of pinpointing specific control measures for effective food safety management.
  • Distinguish Control Points and CCPs:
    • Understand the crucial distinction between "control points" and critical control points (CCPs) in the food safety process.
  • Craft Corrective Action Plans:
    • Develop the skills to create effective corrective action plans to address potential issues in the food safety system.
  • Master Record Keeping:
    • Gain proficiency in completing and retaining records, ensuring a thorough and accountable approach.

Regulatory Information

Accredited by HACCP Alliance


Q: Prerequisite Clarification?

Dive into the HACCP Manager's Certificate course with no mandatory prerequisites! A robust background in safe food handling is advised. Our insightful pretest evaluates your food safety knowledge. A passing score assures your readiness; a less-than-satisfactory result guides your focused study areas.

Q: Course Requirements Breakdown?

  • COURSE: Engage in the course and aim for a stellar 70 percent or higher.
  • EXAMINATION: Navigate through a 40-question exam, securing a commendable score of 70 percent or more.

Q: Unpacking the HACCP Manager's Certificate Course?

Delve into the CODEX HACCP origins, explore common hazards, master Hazard Analysis, Control Points, Critical Limits, and more! This comprehensive course unveils the intricacies of implementing a robust HACCP plan.

Q: Lesson Tally in the HACCP Manager's Certificate Course?

Immerse yourself in a structured learning journey—commencing with a course orientation, tackling a Pre-test challenge, absorbing insights from 10 comprehensive lessons, and culminating in a conclusive exam.

🚀 Ready to Advance Your HACCP Expertise? Enroll Today! Embark on this academic pursuit, deepening your understanding of HACCP principles. Your journey to mastery awaits—seize it now! 🚀📜 #HACCPManagement #FoodSafetyExcellence #AcademicAdvancement.