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Bystander Intervention Awareness Training

Bystander Intervention Awareness Training
Certificate Valid For:  1 year
Available Languages:  English
Completion Time:  1 hour

Course Overview

Skills You Will Achieve: Definition of bystander, Identify Scenarios, De-escalation Techniques, Situational Assessment, Intervention Recognition, Application of Knowledge.

About This Course


Empower Yourself and Your Organization with Bystander Intervention Awareness Training!

Have you ever witnessed harassment and felt unsure about how to respond?

Protecting your organization and your employees against harassment is a collective responsibility. We all strive for a better, safer world free from incivility, harassment, violence, and discrimination.

Why Choose TAP Series' Bystander Intervention Awareness Training?

Our course offers proactive awareness to prevent and respond to undesirable situations effectively. Gain the knowledge and skills to intervene safely and effectively as a bystander.

Compliance Matters:

Employers are required to maintain written records of policies and training for each employee to demonstrate compliance with the ordinance. These records must be retained for at least five years or the duration of any pending claims, civil actions, or investigations.

Penalties for Non-Compliance:

Violation of the ordinance can result in fines ranging from $500 to $1,000 per day.

Don't wait until it's too late. Equip yourself and your team with the necessary tools to foster a respectful and inclusive workplace environment. Enroll in TAP Series' Bystander Intervention Awareness Training today!

Course Facts

Course Facts: What You'll Get

Bystander InterventionAwareness Certificate: Achieve a recognized certification to showcase your commitment to safety.

Renewal Requirement: Stay up-to-date with annual renewals to ensure continued proficiency.

Duration: Complete the course in just 1 hour—efficient and effective learning.

Learning Type: Accessible 24/7 with 100% online training for ultimate flexibility.

At Your Own Pace: Learn at your convenience and save progress as you go—no rush.

Course Updates: Rest assured, our course content is consistently updated to keep you informed and prepared.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and certification needed to respond effectively to Bystander Intervention incidents. Enroll now and take control of your safety journey! #SafetyFirst #BystanderIntervention #EmpowerWithKnowledge.


Topics Covered

  1. Bystander Awareness Training.

What You'll Learn

Unlock Your Potential! Join Our Course Today!

Are you ready to become a proactive bystander and make a difference in your community? Look no further! Our comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently intervene in inappropriate situations.

Here's what you'll learn:

Define what constitutes a bystander and understand your role in various situations.

Identify inappropriate behaviors and learn how to address them effectively.

Master the art of de-escalation techniques to handle tense situations with confidence and composure.

Analyze the situation and assess circumstances before taking action, ensuring the best possible outcome.

Recognize scenarios where your intervention can make a meaningful impact.

Showcase your understanding through practical demonstrations and exercises.

Don't wait to make a difference! Enroll now and empower yourself to create a safer and more respectful environment for all. Join us on this journey of learning and growth today!

Regulatory Information

Mayor Lightfoot and the Commission on Human Relations amended the city's sexual harassment laws in April 2022 to make them stronger and to uphold zero tolerance of violence and harassment in the workplace.

Employers within the city of Chicago have new and expanded obligations to provide training to employees and supervisors on sexual harassment prevention and how bystanders should respond to sexual harassment. Article 6 ("Worker Protections").


Employees must participate in the following training annually:

  • A minimum of one hour of sexual-harassment-prevention training for all employees. A minimum of two hours of sexual-harassment-prevention training for anyone who supervises or manages employees. One hour of bystander training for all employees. The training requirement goes into effect July 1, 2022. Therefore, all employers must conduct the required trainings on an annual basis beginning July 1, 2022.


Q: Is there a prerequisite for this course?

Dive into learning without any mandatory prerequisites for the Bystander Intervation Awarness.

Q: What are the Bystander Intervation Awarness requirements for my Certificate of Achievement?

  • Course: Master each lesson with a remarkable 70 percent or better,
  • Examination: Complete the engaging 1-lesson course.

Q: When does my course expire?

Courses remain active for 180 days from the date of your enrollment. If you do not earn your Course Certificate of Achievement within 180 days of enrolling, your course access will expire. In such a case, you will need to repurchase the course to re-enroll. Two reminder emails will be sent, the first 25 days after enrollment and the second 30 days before the course's expiration date, if you have not completed the course. For more information about course expiration dates, please read our Terms of Use

Q: What is the procedure for requesting a refund for my course?

100% money back or credit within 30 days if returned before studying beyond lesson 1. Exceptions apply; check our Terms of Use for details.

  • Once you have earned a course certificate you are not eligible for a refund even if it is within the 30 days.
  • For more information about course expiration dates, please read our Terms of Use

    Q: When does my Certificate of Achievement expire?

    Your achievement is valid for two years; always check state or local regulations for renewal specifics. If you lose your Certificate of Achievement and need a new one, go to and click on Print Certificate.

    Q: How many lessons are there in the Bystander Intervation Awarness Course?

    Immerse yourself in 7 captivating lessons and a comprehensive exam.

    Q: Can I test out of the course?

    No testing out, but rest assured, completing the course and passing the exam unlocks your Bystander Intervation Awarness card. Enroll now for a brighter, safer future!

    Q: Who wrote the content for your course?

    Crafted by an educator of over 750 courses in collaboration with legal and regulatory experts. Regular updates maintain relevance.