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Nutrition & Eating Disorders

Nutrition & Eating Disorders
Certificate Valid For: 3 years
Approximate Time: 30 minutes
Compatible On: Computers, tablets, and smartphones.
Available Languages: English, Spanish
Price: $9.95

TAP Series' Nutrition & Eating Disorders course is quick, simple and low cost. No need to gather a group or go to a classroom. The self-study course allows you to train on your schedule from home, office or on a cell phone. TAP Series' course meets AB 2338 regulations. In less than one hour your artist or employee has a valid certificate. The California Labor Commissioner’s effective date of enforcement was June 30, 2019.

TAP Series' Nutrition & Eating Disorders course teaches important education on nutrition and eating disorders, the definitions of the 3 main eating disorders, the symptoms and treatments. The student confirms his or her understanding of nutrition and eating disorders by answering a series of questions throughout the course.

Learning Outcomes:
  • The definition of anorexia nervosa
  • The definition of bulimia nervosa
  • The definition of Binge eating disorder
  • Identify the symptoms of anorexia nervosa
  • Identify the symptoms of Bulimia nervosa
  • Identify the symptoms of Binge eating disorder
  • Treatments and therapy
  • Short quizzes