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Strategies for Increasing Sales

Strategies for Increasing Sales
Certificate Valid For: No Expiration
Approximate Time: 9 hours
Compatible On: Computers, tablets, and smartphones.
Available Languages: English
Price: $99.95
18 courses available

These courses offer the knowledge needed to develop a foodservice operation marketing plan or specific topics such as menu design, promotional tools and promotions to increase frequency.

HHFKA 2010 Food Safety CE Hours: 9

"Why do so many foodservice operations fail? Is it food quality? Is it service?" In most cases the answer is no, it's due to poor marketing! If your potential customers do not know you're there, the doors will close.

This program was developed using nationally renowned experts Bill Main and Associates and The BrandStand Group, Inc. Each provided their years of practical experience helping hundreds of small, regional and international foodservice operations grow their businesses and substantially increase their bottom lines.

This maybe the most important program for the foodservice professional in the TAP Series. For those that purchase the entire program, this unique, highly engaging, media rich, interactive program allows an operator or student to complete the assignment of developing a foodservice operation marketing plan while in the process of study. One or more times per module, the program will prompt the student to apply the knowledge they were just taught to his or her real or assigned foodservice operation. This plan is developed step-by-step within the program. At the completion of the course, the marketing plan becomes the actual plan of action or a comprehensive essay to be graded by an instructor.

The Strategies For Increasing Sales program consists of 18 modules covering such subjects as:

  • The 5 minute/15 mile rule.
  • Menu placement and design.
  • Establishing your identity.
  • How to use your exterior to market.
  • How to use your interior to market.
  • Creating successful certificate and discount programs.
  • The value of selecting the right advertising media.
  • How to write successful ad copy.
  • How to realistically identify your market area.
  • And, much more!

Whether you are looking to revitalize your current operation, open a new operation, or you are a student who will one day be running a foodservice establishment, you must always be mindful that to be successful takes a realistic plan. This program will arm you with the knowledge and tools to be successful in this competitive industry.