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Texas Sexual Harassment Employee Training

Texas Sexual Harassment Employee Training
Certificate Valid For:  1 year
Available Languages:  English
Completion Time:  1 hour

Course Overview

Skills You Will Achieve: The definition of Sexual Harassment, Awareness of Legal Framework, Reporting Procedures, Promoting Bystander Intervention.

About This Course

🌐🌟 Revolutionize Your Workplace with Interactive Empowerment! 🌟

🔍 Illuminate Workplace Dynamics: The Power of Knowledge!

  • Embark on a journey to unravel workplace intricacies – from sexual harassment to discriminatory behavior.
  • Our Texas Sexual Harassment Course is your gateway to understanding and addressing critical workplace dynamics.

🚀 Engagement Redefined: No More Boring Lectures!

  • Say goodbye to mundane sessions!
  • Experience an interactive course that goes beyond the ordinary.
  • Engage with our dynamic approach, ensuring active participation and a memorable learning experience.

👩💻 Interactive Features: Transformative Learning at Your Fingertips!

  • Immerse yourself in an interactive learning journey!
  • Our Texas Sexual Harassment course is meticulously crafted with features that confirm employee comprehension, making learning not just about grasping but also retaining and applying knowledge effectively.

🔒 Secure Your Workplace Environment: A Shield Against Complexity!

  • Equip your team with knowledge to recognize, address, and prevent inappropriate conduct.
  • Our course acts as a shield against the complexities of workplace dynamics, fostering a secure and respectful environment for all.

🎓 What's Covered: Unravel Workplace Dynamics!

  • Sexual Harassment: Delve into its intricacies.
  • Discriminatory Behavior: Understand and identify behaviors contributing to workplace discrimination.
  • Hostile Workplace Conduct: Recognize types of conduct creating a hostile work environment.

🌈 Why Choose Our Course? Unlock the Power of Interactive Learning!

  • Engaging Content: Bid farewell to boring lectures with an interactive and engaging learning experience.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: Ensure your team not only understands but internalizes and applies the course material effectively.
  • Employee Empowerment: Equip your workforce with the tools needed to foster a respectful and inclusive workplace culture.
  • LMS Integrations: Assure compliance, LMS Integrations offered by TAP’s engineering team.

🎯 Interactive Learning, Lasting Impact! Transform Your Workplace!

  • Our Texas Sexual Harassment Course is more than just compliance; it's about empowering your employees with the knowledge to create a positive and harassment-free work environment.

🚀 Ready to Transform Your Workplace? Enroll Now!

  • Unlock the power of interactive learning and take a proactive step towards a workplace that thrives on respect and inclusivity.
  • Our course is the catalyst for positive change.

🌐🌟 Revolutionize Workplace Culture with Cutting-Edge Sexual Harassment Prevention Training!

🚀 Why the Shift Matters:

  • In the era of #MeToo, sexual harassment prevention is evolving.
  • Move beyond compliance to empower employees for informed decisions and appropriate actions.

🌟 Comprehensive Training: Aligning with Texas State Regulations!

📘 Course Highlights:

  • Immerse yourself in a training experience that goes beyond basics, ensuring compliance with Texas state regulations.
  • 🌈 Inclusive Training:
    • Texas SB 396: Explore crucial topics related to gender identity and expression, fostering an inclusive workplace culture.
  • 🤝 Workplace Dynamics:
    • Texas AB 2053 and SB 1343: Define abusive conduct, focusing on empowering individuals to navigate real-world situations.

💡 What Sets Us Apart:

  • Fresh Approach: Go beyond rules and laws, empowering individuals for real-world situations.
  • Proactive Mindset: Instill a proactive responsibility, encouraging individuals to speak up and report incidents promptly.

🚀 Essential Training Objectives:

  • Recognize and Respond: Equip your team to identify and respond to situations leading to harassment.
  • Positive Workplace Culture: Foster a culture of respect, diversity, and inclusivity through comprehensive training.
  • Empower with Knowledge: Arm employees with the knowledge and tools for effective intervention.

🌈 Why Now, More Than Ever:

  • Essential Education: Workplace harassment prevention training is crucial for informed, acceptable behavior.
  • Cultivate Reporting Culture: Reinforce that every individual plays a role in speaking up against harassment and retaliation.
  • Legal Review by: John Wallace Esquire, 38 + years broad trial & appellate experience. Member of the Law Review. FAQ's

🙌 Join us in shaping a workplace where respect, diversity, and inclusivity thrive. Enroll today to be part of the change and foster a positive, empowered company culture! 🌐🔒 #WorkplaceEmpowerment #HarassmentPrevention #InclusiveCulture

Course Facts

🌟 Earn YourTexas Sexual Harassment Training Certificate with Ease! 🌟

🎓 What's Included:

  • ✅Texas Certification: Obtain yourTexas Sexual Harassment Training Certificate upon completion.
  • ✅ Renewal Reminder: Stay compliant with a simple renewal every 2 years.

⏱ Efficient Learning:

  • ✅ Duration: Complete the course in just 1 hour.
  • ✅ Flexibility: Access 100% online training 24/7, adapting to your schedule.

📚 Structured for Success:

  • ✅ Personal Pace: Progress through the course at your own speed.
  • ✅ Save Your Progress: Easily pick up where you left off, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

🗸 Stay Informed:

  • ✅ Up-to-Date Content: Benefit from consistently updated course content, reflecting the latest regulations.
  • ✅ Legal Expertise: Reviewed by John Wallace, Esquire, with over 40 years of broad trial and appellate experience, ensuring the highest standard.

🚀 Enroll Today for Hassle-Free Certification:

Join countless others in achieving yourTexas Sexual Harassment Training Certificate effortlessly. Enroll now and elevate your knowledge with a course that adapts to your needs! 🌐🎓 #New YorkCertification #SexualHarassmentTraining #LegalCompliance

Topics Covered

  1. Sexual Harassment And The Law
  2. Sexual Harassment And Discrimination
  3. Types Of Sexual Harassment
  4. Policies And Procedures

What You'll Learn

🌟 Empower Yourself with Comprehensive Sexual Harassment Training!

📚 Knowledge Highlights:

  • Define Sexual Harassment: Gain a clear understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment.
  • Federal and State Laws: Navigate the legal landscape with insights into both federal and state regulations.
  • Illegality Unveiled: Explore why sexual harassment is not just unethical but illegal.
  • Identification Mastery: Learn to identify instances of sexual harassment in diverse workplace scenarios.
  • Real-Life Examples: Understand the spectrum of sexual harassment through practical, real-world examples.
  • Internal Complaint Process: Navigate the internal channels for reporting and addressing harassment.
  • Interactive Quizzes: Reinforce your understanding with engaging quizzes throughout the course.
  • Final Test: Assess your knowledge through a comprehensive final test.

👨 Legal Expertise:

Reviewed by John Wallace, Esquire: Benefit from a legal review by John Wallace, a seasoned professional with over 38 years of broad trial and appellate experience. A distinguished member of the Law Review.

🌟 Why Enroll Today:

Empower yourself with knowledge that goes beyond the surface. Enroll now to gain a comprehensive understanding of sexual harassment, guided by legal expertise. Take the first step towards fostering a workplace free from harassment! 🌐🔒 #SexualHarassmentTraining #LegalInsights #EmpowerWithKnowledge

Regulatory Information

Texas Workplace Sexual Harassment

If you've experienced workplace sexual harassment in Texas, you might have the option to pursue legal action. In the context of the workplace, sexual harassment includes instances where an employee:

  • Is asked for sexual favors,
  • Faces physical or verbal abuse with a sexual nature,
  • Experiences unwelcome sexual advances.

It's also against the law when both men and women are sexually harassed at work or when offensive comments targeting men or women in general are used. Importantly, the victim and the harasser can be of the same sex.

Laws Protecting Against Sexual Harassment in Texas:

Sexual harassment in the workplace not only violates federal law, specifically Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but it is also covered by Texas state law (Texas Lab. Code §§ 21.051, 21.101). This makes it illegal for employers to allow sexual harassment to occur in the workplace.

Definition of Sexual Harassment:

Under federal law, sexual harassment includes actions like using words with sexual connotations, subjecting the victim to visual and written sexual conduct, using vulgar and sexist language, making sexual advances, demanding sexual favors, and engaging in any sexual behavior.

Texas State Law on Sexual Harassment:

Texas state law strictly prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace and investigates complaints thoroughly. To file a complaint, individuals must approach the Texas Workforce Commission, Civil Rights Division (TWC-CRD) within 180 days of the alleged incident.

Employer Responsibilities:

All employers in Texas, regardless of size, must adhere to anti-discrimination laws, including those related to sexual harassment. Employers failing to address complaints may face fines or penalties following investigations by state or federal anti-discrimination agencies. The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) may investigate employers with 15 or more employees, while the TWC-CRD handles investigations for Texas employers accused of not preventing sexual harassment.

Where to File a Sexual Harassment Claim:

Victims in Texas can file a claim through the federal agency, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), or with the state administrative agency, the Texas Workforce Commission, Civil Rights Division (TWC-CRD). Both agencies collaborate, and claimants can choose to "cross-file" with either.

Filing Deadline:

Under Texas state law, complaints of workplace sexual harassment must be filed within 180 days. The federal statute of limitations is 300 days from the date of the incident.

Getting Assistance:

Before filing a sexual harassment claim in Texas, seeking guidance from a sexual harassment lawyer is advisable. They can help gather evidence, support your claim, and negotiate with your employer for the compensation you deserve.


Q: Is there a prerequisite for this course?

Dive into learning without any mandatory prerequisites for the Sexual Harassment Training.

Q: What are the Sexual Harassment & Alcohol Training requirements for my Certificate of Achievement?

  1. Complete the engaging 4-lesson cours
  2. Ace the exam with a score of 70% or higher.

Q: How many lessons are there in the Sexual Harassment Training Course?

Immerse yourself in 4 captivating lessons and a comprehensive exam.

Q: When does my Certificate of Achievement expire?

Your achievement is valid for two years; always check state or local regulations for renewal specifics.

Q: Why can't I access the final exam?

Ensure each lesson is passed to access the final exam. Green means passed, red means a bit more study is needed.

Q: When does my course expire?

Courses remain active for 180 days from the date of your enrollment, and your access to the course will cease after this 180-day period. If you do not earn your Course Certificate of Achievement within 180 days of enrolling, your course access will expire. In such a case, you will need to repurchase the course to re-enroll. Should you choose to re-enroll and still not earn your course certificate within the subsequent 180 days; your registration will once again expire, necessitating another course purchase for re-enrollment. We will send you two reminder emails to inform you about the impending expiration of your course access. The first email will be sent 25 days after your enrollment if you have not completed the course, and the second email will be sent 30 days before the course's expiration date if you have not completed the course. For more information about course expiration dates, please read our Terms of Use

Q: What's the procedure for a refund?

100% money back or credit within 30 days if returned before studying beyond lesson 1. Exceptions apply; check our Terms of Use for details.

Q: Who wrote the content for your course?

Crafted by an educator of over 750 courses in collaboration with legal and regulatory experts. Regular updates maintain relevance.

Q: How soon can I expect to receive my Certificate of Achievement?

Download instantly upon passing your final exam.

Q: What can I do if I lose my Certificate of Achievement?

Visit and click on Print Certificate for a replacement.

Q: Can I test out of the course?

No testing out, but rest assured, completing the course and passing the exam unlocks your sexual harassment card. Enroll now for a brighter, safer future!