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Cabell-Huntington County, WV Food Handler

Cabell-Huntington County, WV Food Handler
Certificate Valid For:  2 years
Available Languages:  English, Spanish, Mandarin
Completion Time:  45 minutes

Course Overview

Skills You will Achieve: Food Safety Awareness, Cross-Contamination Prevention, Temperature Control, Safe Food Storage, Health Regulations.

About This Course

Unleash Your Potential with TAP Series!

Elevate Your Skills with Cabell County's Finest Food Handler’s Permit Training Course!

At TAP Series, we bring you an unparalleled Online Food Handler’s Permit Training Course tailored for Cabell County, West Virginia.

Why Choose TAP Series?

Mandatory for All Food Workers: The Cabell-Huntington Food Service Worker’s Course is a prerequisite for all food workers. Ensure compliance and embark on a journey to excellence in food handling.

Approved by Cabell-Huntington County Department of Health: Rest easy, knowing that our course is officially approved by the Cabell-Huntington County Department of Health, certifying you for two (2) years.

Effortless Certification Process: Score an impressive 75% or better, and your certificate is ready for printing. No additional steps needed—your certificate is instantly valid upon successful completion.

Enroll with TAP Series today to unlock a world of opportunities in the food service industry. Join us on a transformative journey, and let your culinary career flourish! #TAPSeriesSuccess #FoodHandlerTraining #CulinaryExcellence

Course Facts

Elevate Your Culinary Expertise with Barbour County, WV Food Handler Training!

Discover the Course Essentials:

  • Barbour County, WV Food Handler Training Certificate: Unleash your culinary potential with our specialized training designed for Barbour County. Earn a certificate that speaks volumes about your commitment to top-tier food handling.

  • Renewal Requirement: Stay ahead of the game! Renew your certification every 3 years, ensuring your skills align with the latest industry standards and practices.

  • Duration: Invest just 45 minutes to enhance your culinary skills and secure a certification that sets you apart. In under an hour, embark on a journey to culinary excellence.

  • Learning Type: Enjoy the flexibility of 24/7 access to our 100% online training platform. Day or night, take charge of your culinary education at your own pace.

  • Course Structure: Navigate the course effortlessly with a structure designed to match your rhythm. Save your progress as you go, ensuring your journey to certification aligns seamlessly with your schedule.

  • Course Updates: Stay at the forefront of the culinary landscape! Our commitment to excellence ensures that the course content is consistently updated, keeping you in sync with the latest industry standards.

Seize the opportunity to shine in Barbour County's culinary arena. Enroll now and proudly showcase your Barbour County, WV Food Handler Training Certificate!

Topics Covered

?The Need For Food Safety Training, Danger Zone, Thawing Food, Cross-Contamination, Food Allergens, Cross-Contact, Chemical Contamination, Physical Contamination, Good Basic Personal Hygiene Habits, Hand Washing, and Glove Use?

What You'll Learn

Uncover Culinary Mastery with Our Essential Lessons!

Discover What's on Your Culinary Journey:

  • Cross-Contamination Insights: Delve into the art of culinary safety as we unravel the secrets behind cross-contamination. Equip yourself with the knowledge to keep your kitchen pristine and your creations free from unwanted risks.

  • EIGHT Most Common Food Allergens: Explore the culinary landscape and become an allergen expert. Uncover the nuances of the EIGHT most common food allergens, ensuring your dishes cater to all tastes and dietary needs.

  • Cross-Contact Mastery: Elevate your culinary prowess by mastering the delicate dance of cross-contact. Learn to create a dining experience that is not only delicious but also safe for everyone, regardless of their dietary requirements.

Embark on a culinary journey where safety meets excellence. Enroll now and unlock the knowledge that sets you apart in the world of gastronomy!

Regulatory Information

TAP Series offers an online Food Handler’s Permit Training Course for Cabell County, West Virginia. The Cabell-Huntington Food Service Worker’s Course is required for all food workers.

This course has been approved by the Cabell-Huntington County Department of Health and will certify you for two (2) years.

Upon successful completion of 75% or better, you will print your certificate. There are no further steps to be taken for your certificate to be valid.


Q: Is there a prerequisite for this course?

There are no mandatory prerequisites course requirements for the Cabell-Huntington County, WV Food Handler course.

Q: What are the Cabell-Huntington County, WV Food Handler requirements?

  1. Course: You must take the course and achieve a 70 percent or better.

Q: How many lessons are there in the Cabell-Huntington County, WV Food Handler Course?

There are 1 Orientation and 1 Lesson.

Q: How do I access my final exam?

Access to the final exam is granted once you have successfully completed each lesson in sequential order

Q: When does my course expire?

Courses remain active for 180 days from the date of your enrollment, and your access to the course will cease after this 180-day period. If you do not earn your Course Certificate of Achievement within 180 days of enrolling, your course access will expire. In such a case, you will need to repurchase the course to re-enroll. Should you choose to re-enroll and still not earn your course certificate within the subsequent 180 days; your registration will once again expire, necessitating another course purchase for re-enrollment. We will send you two reminder emails to inform you about the impending expiration of your course access. The first email will be sent 25 days after your enrollment if you have not completed the course, and the second email will be sent 30 days before the course's expiration date if you have not completed the course. For more information about course expiration dates, please read our Terms of Use

Q: What is the procedure for requesting a refund for my course?

100% money back of the purchase price, or credit to your account, if returned within 30 days of enrollment, and if no more than lesson 1 has been studied for courses with more than one lesson.


  1. The Municipality Of Anchorage Food Handler course is NOT refundable.
  2. All courses with only one lesson if the lesson is completed are final sale and NOT refundable.
  3. Once you have earned a course certificate you are not eligible for a refund even if it is within the 30 days.

For more information about course expiration dates, please read our Terms of Use

Q: How soon can I expect to receive my certificate of completion?

Upon successfully passing your final exam, you can instantly download your Certificate of Achievement. Please be aware that certain jurisdictions may issue their own physical certificate, which will be sent to the address you specified during your course enrollment.

Q: Who wrote the content for your course?

The content for course was written by a PHD in Education with collaboration of a subject matter team from industry, academic, and regulatory. Over time, we have updated the content with the help of restaurant and food industry experts, as well as individuals involved in higher education.