Food Handler Training Policies and Procedures

Course and Test Complaints and Appeals

As a student, you are given the opportunity to submit a complaint or appeal. To submit, please click here.

When and how do I obtain my exam results?

As you progress through the course you can obtain your scores by clicking here and entering your student user name and password.

You will not receive written documentation of the exam results. All results are available for you to print by clicking here to view your scores.

The test at the end of the course requires a passing score is 70% or higher. A score of 70% is obtained by answering 28 or more of the 40 questions correctly. If the examination results are less than 70%, you are directed to re-study those lessons that had low scores and retake the examination. Once a score of 70% or above has been achieved, you will immediately be informed that the program has been successfully passed and to print out your certificate and wallet card.

If you have a questions about the examination results, please contact TAP Series by sending an email stating your name and telephone number, username, date training started, and your question to You will be contacted within 5 business days.

How do I obtain my certificate?

To obtain your certificate, click here, then follow the directions on the page to print out your certificate.

How do I order a duplicate certificate?

To obtain additional certificates, click here.

How do I request a correction or change of information on my certificate?

To change your information on your certificate, click here, fill out the form and submit proof of correct information.

What is the Invalidation Policy and Procedure?

The food handler is responsible for taking the food handler course and test unless exempted under state Food Handler Card Law. The food handler card is issued to the individual food handler taking the course and passing the exam. The course and examination are not proctored. TAP Series reserves the right to invalidate a Certificate of Achievement and Food Handler card based on a security violation. Any student enrolled in the course attests that they are that person taking the course and examination. To fraudulently or deceptively register or attempt to register as a student in the course to obtain the Certificate of Achievement and Food Handler card is a security violation.

Who wrote the content for your course?

The content for the course was written by Dr. Obetz, Ph.D together with a team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) was put together from the foodservice industry. The SME team included the head of the Los Angeles Country Health Department, Frank Gomez, PhD, Doug Campbell, a microbiologist formally with the USDA, Kathleen Nordstrom, Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety for Nugget Food Service Distributors. Michael Haddix, VP Nugget Food Service Distributors and former restaurant owner, Dave Gottwals, SVP the Food Group, Bart Goldberg, Corporate Chef the Food Group, Joyce Wilkins, President, Safe at the Plate and a rotating group of retail, foodservice and processing unit managers and chefs.


TAP Series complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Food Handler Card law does not prohibit a stakeholder from having assistance in the study of the course and examination. The stakeholder may have another party read, translate or operate the computer. There are no special medical requests needed. The stakeholder may not have assistance with the actual selection of the examination answers. The stakeholder may communicate the answer to the other party to click the chosen answer. Any needs outside of these policies and procedures are not anticipated. Stakeholders protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act do not need permission from TAP Series prior to purchasing or taking the course and examination. The Food Handler Training and examination are provided through secured servers.


TAP Series policies and procedures do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, disability, age or use of leave protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act with regards its Food Handler Training, activities, or with regards to employment.

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